Regina St

A stunning Tim Dorrington designed home in Auckland’s Cox’s Bay, this black timber clad beauty features a hidden internal courtyard and garden and privacy in a public location.

This superb family home won the architect a 2021 Best Design Award from the Designers Insitute of New Zealand.

The challenges for the build lay in ensuring the timber screens matched the timber battens exactly, and when you’re building for a client in the construction/property industry, the expectations are enormous.

Carefully positioned blade walls and height considerations ensure privacy but in turn also provide pockets of fancy for the public view.

Black cedar screening is used extensively throughout the house, both as external cladding but also features internally in the entry, kitchen, dining and lounge areas. The black brick boundary wall is also replicated inside the house, providing the rear wall of the living room and in turn mimics the curved screen out front, curving out to the public walkway.

The extensive use of timber cabintery and features both internally and outside meant fine tolerances and exacting standards – something CTL is renowned for.

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