Caspers House, Tairua

A wonderful Dom Glamuzina and Dessein Parke designed home–a Tairua ‘bach’ (New Zealand for holiday home) situated high up with stunning vistas.

Set on the slopes of Mt Paku and looking Northwest over Tairua Beach, and Southwest over the Tairua inlet, Brendon and his team had to ‘rescue’ the build from another contractor in way over his head.

The project included rectifying some of the unfortunate decisions previously made, and redoing unsatisfactory work, so it was doubly challenging.

The client was the same as for Livingstone St House, which is testament to Brendon’s quality of work and ability to meet client expectations that he was asked to travel to Tairua from Auckland to take over the project.

Caspers House is the winner of the Here Magazine New House Award:

Judges comments: “A wonderful bach on the hill at Tairua, inspired by Fire Island Modernism and A-frames, but translated into a purple (yes, purple) corrugated fibreglass cladding, with a monochromatic deep blue interior.

“There are surprising spaces and a sense of playful intrigue.”

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